Offshore Development

Offshore Development



An offshore development center at Acuity is a group of talented developers and programmers who have been assembled in a team to work on projects for a distant client. The team works on projects only for that particular client during the defined time period.




Shift the Work to the Expert — not the Expert to the Work




We established an offshore development division to provide high quality, talented and efficient human resources to our clients interested in working with their own dedicated team. We empower our clients with complete visibility of project development and team management. This limits the risks to zero and ensures maximum return on investments.



Key Benefits:



When working with our offshore development team, you are offered to gain the following benefits:

  • Flexibility. Synchronization of our working shifts with your project timing
  • Team size adjustment. Development team can be scaled or downsized as per your project needs
  • Offshore development will assist an organization to meet their time-critical objectives
  • You may be able to save time, costs and efforts
  • No sacrifice on quality
  • Develop using well known technologies
  • Skilled, talented and experienced professionals



We make sure the following key success factors are followed during any offshore development:



    • The technical specification must be clear, detailed and unambiguous
    • The project requirements (and hence the technical specification) must not change significantly during
      the duration of the project
    • Close communication with the client
    • The offshore developers must have a good track record at delivering projects for international clients
      and provide references to prove it

Offshore development is as much about technical skills and quality as it is about a relationship based on compatibility and trust.